Geothermal Project Management Course for Indonesia and Philippines, Auckland/ NZ

Te Mihi geothermal plant, New Zealand (source: Contact Energy)
Alexander Richter 23 Feb 2017

In a Geothermal Project Management Course, practical project management tools and techniques for geothermal projects are to be presented. The programme is open to professionals from Indonesia and the Philippines, supported by the NZ Aid Programme and facilitated by the University of Auckland.

Under the New Zealand Aid Programme, a Geothermal Project management Short course has been specifically designed for the Short Term Training Scholarship scheme in conjunction with the New Zealand Aid Programme. It has been designed to provide short term training to meet identified needs in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The course will provide participants with a broad understanding of the full set of issues involved in taking a geothermal project from initial exploration to power plant construction, and electricity sales. Modern project management techniques will be presented, as well as their application to the geothermal environment. On this course participants will learn best practice along with applied practical knowledge specific to the ASEAN geothermal landscape.

This is a 4-week (continuous) residential course to be held in Auckland, New Zealand. Along with classroom teaching, the course also includes a Field Trip to a Central North Island geothermal power plant.


This course will take place from Monday 13 March to Friday 7 April 2017.

Participants will arrive in New Zealand on 9 March 2017, and meet with Skills International the next day for their induction. They will then travel to Auckland CBD where they will have the weekend to acclimatise and familiarise themselves to the area. Participants are scheduled to depart on the evening of 7 April 2017.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for middle managers who currently hold positions in Indonesian and Filipino geothermal development companies as well as middle managers across government, private sector, and non-governmental organisations. This course is especially relevant, if they are:

  • Familiar with aspects of geothermal science or engineering technology but not financial or project management tools or
  • Moving into the geothermal industry from oil and gas or mineral companies and understand basic geoscience and project management, but not geothermal technology or
  • From a financial and corporate management background and understand project management but not necessarily geothermal science and technology.


The course is delivered by The Geothermal Institute. Along with experts at the Institute the delivery team also includes project management expert from the University of Auckland Business School, and specialists in geothermal project management from the geothermal industry. The team of presenters have been selected because they are considered world-class authorities in professional geothermal project management.

Course Format

There are four modules within the course. They are:

  1. An introduction to fundamentals of geothermal energy – this will cover geothermal system frameworks, geothermal resource assessment, exploration, drilling, development and power production, as well as an understanding of geological, geochemical, geophysical concepts and data collection, and an introduction to reservoir modelling.
  2. Geothermal resources – building on the previous module this module provides a background into geothermal resources specifically tailored to the Indonesian landscape. It will include exploration and development process and strategy, environmental issues, process and resource issues, and resource capacity estimation and protocols.
  3. Project management fundamentals – the essentials of project management principles will be covered. It is designed to provide an understanding of the project management framework.
  4. Applied geothermal project management – this module will be delivered by industry experts and provide real-world examples of project management in practice.

To apply for a place on the course please contact the NZ Embassy in Jakarta, or the NZ Embassy in Manila

Source: Geothermal Institute, University of Auckland via LinkedIn