Geothermal project to heat swimming pool completed in Victoria, Australia

Planned Gippsland Aquatic Center, Labrobe, Victoria, Australia (source: Peddle Thorp Architects)
Alexander Richter 20 Feb 2020

A geothermal project with two wells has been completed successfully providing now heating to an aquatic, swimming centre in Latrobe City in Victoria, Australia.

Australian consultancy Rockwater has announced that the drilling and construction phase of a major new geothermal project in Traralgon in Victoria, Australia has been completed.

The company designed, supervised and commissioned the geothermal bore duplet for the Latrobe City Council (LCC) Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre (GRAC).

The 630 m production well and 610 m injection well were drilled by local drilling contractor Drilltec Pty Ltd.

Geothermal temperatures (68 degree Celsius) exceeded expectations and will provide low-cost and low-carbon pool-water heating and space heating (about 2.6 MW) for the GRAC facility.

Rockwater is pleased to have worked with the Latrobe City Council and Drilltec to deliver this project.

Source: Company note/ LinkedIn