Geothermal pushing greenhouse development in Simav, Turkey

Simav, Eynal Kaplicalari (source: Simav Belediyesi web sayfasi)
Alexander Richter 20 Jan 2020

Last year, 16 greenhouses utilising geothermal energy were built in Simav, town of Kütahya, Turkey with government support.

Simav, a town of Kütahya in Turkey with a high geothermal potential, has established 16 technological greenhouses, each consisting of 3,500 square meters, with state support of 5 million liras last year. 50 percent of the newly established greenhouses that are supported by a grant from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry increased the total geothermal greenhouse areas throughout the district from 400 acres to 500 acres.

Approximately 15,000 tons of hormone-free tomatoes and cucumbers and other products are produced in the 500 acres of greenhouses with geothermal energy in Simav. Local greenhouse owners, with a revenue of 35-40 million liras a year, provide employment for 500 people in the production of tomatoes and cucumbers. Products taken from the greenhouses with geothermal are being marketed under the patent of ‘hormone-free Simav tomato’ in big cities such as Bursa, Izmir and Istanbul and they are preferred by consumers.

Murat Tokdemir, Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that they had achieved very serious developments in the field of greenhouse cultivation with their recent studies. He also noted that in the last 1 year by changing 100 acres of pasture area to ??the greenhouse area in Citgöl resort they managed to establish each of 3,500 square meters of 16 new greenhouse areas of which 50 percent are grant-backed.

Source: ThinkGeoEnergy’s Turkish news platform JeotermalHaberler


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