Geothermal Resources Council and Geothermal Energy Association announce merger

Geothermal Resources Council and Geothermal Energy Association announce merger logos of GRC and GEA
Alexander Richter 7 Jan 2018

The two U.S.-based geothermal groups, the Geothermal Resources Council and the Geothermal Energy Association have announced their merger, following the overwhelming vote of its membership for the unification of both organizations.

In a release, the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) and the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) announces that its members overwhelmingly voted for the unification of both U.S.-based geothermal groups.

In the statement, they describe the merger as strengthening “the voice of our industry with a single organization devoted to advancing the science, education, and development of renewable geothermal energy resources.   Members of both organizations voted on the decision to unify and the results were overwhelmingly in favour.

They will benefit from an increased value for their dues and improved networking relationships as the geothermal community moves forward together.

The activities of the GEA will be transitioned into the GRC in early 2018. One of the key activities is already underway through the establishment of a special committee, the GRC Policy Committee. This committee will focus on educating and lobbying leaders at state and federal levels to expand their knowledge about the geothermal industry. The committee will also assist the geothermal community in its awareness of opportunities to expand renewable energy projects, building a stronger platform for the entire U.S. energy grid. All members are encouraged to join in this new effort.

“Together, the now unified GRC and GEA can advance the geothermal community in more ways to connect with the larger energy industry and create a clean environment for future generations to enjoy,” stated Maria Richards, President of the GRC Board of Directors.

Doug Glaspey, President of the Board of Directors for the GEA said, “The members of GEA look forward to working within a single organization to advocate for and advance sound geothermal law and policy that will expand our industry. The unification of our two organizations will allow us to pursue this mission in the most efficient manner possible.”

The GRC will continue as a non?profit, 501(c)3 corporation serving as the professional educational association for the international geothermal community, as a focal point for continuing professional development through outreach, information transfer and education services.

The GRC’s Policy Committee will file an annual 501 (h) election, which allows them to conduct legislative and regulatory advocacy. An additional membership fee to join the Policy Committee will raise the funds for their activities. This provides the GRC with a mechanism to keep their primary members’ dues and funding completely separate.

The headquarters for the unified organization will be in Davis, California and operate under the name “Geothermal Resources Council” until further discussion of a possible name change is completed. For information on the GRC and the new Policy committee, please contact Estela Smith at (+1) 530? 758?2360 or

Press contacts:

  • Ian Crawford (GRC),, (+1) 530.758.2360
  • Kathy Kent Schott (GEA), kathy@geo?, (+1) 202.454.5263

Source: Press release via GRC/ Twitter