Geothermal site for sale at Taupo, New Zealand

Geothermal site for sale at Taupo, New Zealand Craters of the Moon, Taupo, NZ (source: flickr/ wouter!, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 16 Oct 2012

In New Zealand at Taupo, a geothermal site is for sale that was once planned to see development of a 60 MW geothermal power plant adjacent to the McLachlan (Poihipi) 55 MW geothermal plant.

New Zealand news report that a “large parcel of land once earmarked for the development of a privately-pwned 60 MW geothermal power station is for sale near Taupo” in New Zealand.

The parcel has some interesting history of an individual believing the options offered by geothermal energy first for the growing of orchids but also with plans for electricity production.

The former owner actually had – so the news – purchased a drilling rig and drilled one of initially planned three wells. At an adjacent piece of land the owner together with Mercury Energy built the McLachlan (Poihipi) geothermal plant, a 55 MW plant. The plant is now owned by Contact Energy.