Geothermal to help Turkish tomato grower to become world’s leading exporter

Agrobay tomatoes (source:
Alexander Richter 12 Dec 2017

The largest greenhouse operation in Europe is located near Izmir/ Turkey and operated by company Agrobay. The company builds on geothermal heating for its operations and hopes to extend its operation to become one of the world's leading exporters for tomatoes.

In national newspaper Huriyet, the success story of Agrobay, a tomato grower from the Dikili-Bergama near Izmir, Turkey is highlighted.

The country’s largest tomato exporter hopes to further exploit geothermal energy in its bid on becoming one of the world’s leading exporters.

The company produces around 15,000 tons of tomatoes annually across Western Turkey.

The firm was founded back in 2001 and later built greenhouses on 15 acres of land. The company’s current acreage in greenhouses is 173 today, the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world after Mexico, according to Arzu Senturk, son of the founder.

The company aims to increase the total land area to 247 acres to boost production and exports.

Currently, the company exports 90% of its tomatoes to Russia and the EU. Geothermal energy provides heating for the greenhouses, helping cutting costs and operate the greenhouses efficiently.

Source: Huriyet Daily News