Geothermal Trekking – an annual hiking event in Tuscany, Italy

Geothermal Trekking – an annual hiking event in Tuscany, Italy Geothermal Trekking, Tuscany (source: Fabio Sartori, Enel Green Power)
Alexander Richter 14 Oct 2019

An annual hiking event was held in Tuscany again. The Geothermal Trekking event is organized by various entities and groups promoting geothermal areas in Tuscany with a hike visiting the Sasso 2 geothermal power plant and the Etruscan Roman Baths of Bagnone.

An interesting article in Italian media today describes an interesting geothermal trekking event in Tuscany.

Hundreds of people, originating mostly from the geothermal area or other areas of Tuscany, took part in the twelfth edition of the Geothermal Trekking along the beautiful path of natural manifestations “Geothermal Energy and Steam”, which leads from the Fumarole Park of Sasso Pisano, in the municipal territory of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, at the Biancane Park in Monterotondo Marittimo, between the provinces of Pisa and Grosseto.

As every year, combined with the very suggestive walk for the uniqueness of the geothermal landscape and enriched by the competence of the environmental guides of the Idealcoop cooperative, which also manages the Geothermal Museum, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Enel Green Power geothermal plant “Sasso 2”, in Sasso Pisano, and the archaeological excavations of the Etruscan Roman Baths of Bagnone.

In addition, all the attendees were able to enjoy the breakfast prepared by the La Fumarola Association at the start of the walk and the geothermal supply chain menu with lunch in the power station maintained by the Renewable Energy Food Community.

The event was initiated by a collaboration between many groups working for the promotion of geothermal areas: Enel Green Power, the Municipalities of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and Monterotondo Marittimo, the Montana Alta Val di Cecina Union, the Geothermal Areas Development Consortium (Co.Svi.G), the Volterra Valdicecina Tourist Consortium, the Idealcoop cooperative, the La Fumarola association, the “guardian farmers” of the Renewable Energy Food Community – founded by Co.Svi.G. (Consorzio Sviluppo Geotermiche Aree), Slow Food Toscana and Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

Source:, Antonio Conte/ Enel Green Power via LinkedIn