Geothermie Suisse offers new geothermal modular training course (in French)

Geothermie Suisse offers new geothermal modular training course (in French) Geothermal course announcement (screenshot)
Alexander Richter 6 Sep 2020

The Geothermal Association of Switzerland, Geothermie Suisse, has launched a new modular geothermal course called GEOTH20 in French.

Geothermie Suisse, the geothermal association of Switzerland, has introduced GEOTH20, a modular training course adapted to a varied audience.  The courses can be taken independently of each other.

Note: The information for the course, as well as the course program and the program itself seem to be available only in French.

Depending on the level of training, it is recommended that participants follow one or the other of

The advanced course addresses the theoretical and technical elements in the morning and experience returns in the afternoon. These aspects are taken for granted for the associated Software Course.

The software courses provide training on specific software in connection with a development course. At the end of the training, participants are able to use the software on their own.

Registration – Registrations are made directly online, payment by credit card. As the number of places is limited, registrations will be taken in order of arrival. In case of very strong demand, the courses will possibly be repeated.

Certificate – Each course will be the subject of a certificate from Géothermie-Suisse
Flyer to download

Complete training program

This looks like a rather interesting and well structured overview course.

Source: Geothermie Suisse