German company delivering pump for new geothermal project in the Netherlands

Electric submersible pump (ESP) at Dutch geothermal project (source: Oil Dynamics GmbH)
Alexander Richter 29 Jul 2020

German Oil Dynamics has delivered a specifically designed electric submersible pump for a geothermal project in the Netherlands delivering some 300 m3/h of almost 90 degrees Celsius hot water.

In a release, German Artificial Lift Experts OIL DYNAMICS GmbH announced having delivered a customized pump for a new geothermal project in the Netherlands. This ORANGE pumping system has been engineered, assembled and tested in Heidelberg, Germany. The equipment consists of downhole and surface components.

This Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) was especially designed to fit into a tight liner and deliver some 300 m3/h of almost 90 degrees Celsius hot geothermal water from an installation depth of 800m. The multi-stage centrifugal pump is driven by a nearly 1,000 HP strong electric motor. The motor is sealed by a specially designed hydro-protector. During operation, the ESP’s sensor permanently transmits seven downhole parameters up to the surface, thus enabling pump protection and process optimization. A large ElektroMotion Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with over 900 kVA reliably generates any volts, amps and hertz required to operate the pump within a broad production range. This is particularly important for geothermal heating projects, where heat demand typically fluctuates seasonally. The state-of-the-art smartDRIVE VFD was also engineered and built by Oil Dynamics. It includes a large input choke, a sine wave filter, innovative controls, data interfaces and an integrated touch screen. To complete the package the matching step-up transformer and ESP power cable were also supplied by Oil Dynamics GmbH.

During the pumping tests carried out, the ORANGE ESP has proven its high performance and robustness. Both, the installation of the pumping system and the well tests were assisted by Oil Dynamics Field Service staff. For the well testing period the VFD has been delivered inside an especially modified sea container.

“We are happy to support the production of green energy and local food in the Netherlands”, says Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director of Oil Dynamics GmbH.

About Oil Dynamics GmbH

Germany-based Oil Dynamics GmbH is a German company focuses on engineering, manufacturing, testing, supply and service of premium Artificial Lift Systems for the upstream oil industry as well as geothermal and water applications. In addition to the company’s own designs, Oil Dynamics GmbH integrates technologies from global champions into efficient Artificial Lift or Horizontal Pumping Systems.

Source: Company release by email