GNS Science conducting deep geothermal exploration in Rotorua

GNS Science conducting deep geothermal exploration in Rotorua Tikitere, Hell's Gate, near Rotorua/ New Zealand (source: flickr/ ~ Pil ~, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 21 Oct 2015

GNS Science in collaboration with the local administration is studying the deep geothermal potential in the area of ??Rotorua, NZ.

News from New Zealand report that there is an ongoing research project looking for deep geothermal potential hidden east of the well explored Rotorua area.

The project is being carried out by GNS Science in collaboration with the local administration.

According to a local newspaper, the aim of the research is to better understand the latent potential to a depth of between 3 and 7 km across the region.

The work focuses on the east side of Lake Rotorua and is the second phase of a larger research project involving researchers at GNS Science capital.

According to GNS’s Science geophysicist Grant Caldwell, the first research results are proving to be very interesting.

“In recent years we have begun to see the connection between the shallow parts of geothermal fields and the underlying volcanic systems that provide heat.”

“Our job is to provide basic information that would then encourage the development of geothermal energy in the future. It has been a great help for us to have additional support from the regional council for this research, “he said.

“We understand more about the different geothermal systems, capabilities and potential. With careful management, this resource is capable of growth in some areas and will continue to provide geothermal energy indefinitely.” Said Mr. Caldwell.

Source: Rotorua Daily Post