Gold exploration with implications for geothermal?

Alexander Richter 27 Oct 2009

A short thought piece on implications of gold exploration for geothermal power utilization.

A news piece in form of a company release, I recently came across has been crossing my mind of late. The document, a release by Australian EnviroGold Limited, talks about findings of an initial review of a gold project of the company in Ecuador.

While not being a geologist, I thought some of the notes in there interesting. I have no exact idea on if this is significant or not, but it talks about waters tapped from geothermal systems to be similar to those for the formation of LS ore veins, mineralization of low sulphidation (one of two end-member styles of epithermal gold deposits). Maybe this is the same with the famous gold/ geothermal combination of the geothermal power plant of Lihir Gold Mines on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea.

So this could mean two things, either one could use geothermal where this form of gold deposits can be found, or there could be gold deposits where similar geological situations exist.

But I assume the main point is that there is a lot of data out there, from oil exploration and even from gold exploration that could help define geothermal resource for power projects world-wide.

The interest of many mining players in the geothermal sector, simply was no accident.

Source: release by EnviroGold Limited via The Sydney Morning Herald