Great interest shown at the International Geothermal Conference in Freiburg, Germany

Great interest shown at the International Geothermal Conference in Freiburg, Germany 6th International Geothermal Conference 2010, Freiburg/ Germany (source: Enerchange)
Alexander Richter 2 Jun 2010

The 6th annual International Geothermal Conference (IGC) was held in Freiburg, Germany with great success last month, with about 230 participant and 50 presenters.

The 6th annual International Geothermal Conference (IGC) was held in Freiburg, Germany with great success last month. About 230 participants  discussed current challenges and projects in the geothermal energy sector. Great interest was shown to issues such as seismicity, international market development, as well as communication and promotion of and for geothermal projects.

“Almost 50 speakers provided information about topics such as exploitation of geothermal reservoirs, power plant technology, geothermal energy for municipal power supply, financing and seismicity. In order to conclude the conference, Ruggero Bertani from Enel Green Power finally presented the vision for the possible future development of geothermal energy in the decades to come.

The congress forum on seismicity has been met with great interest. Nearly 100 participants did follow the presentations of experts such as Dr. Stefan Baisch from Q-con or Dr. Christian Bönnemann from the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources given that seismicity has become a hot topic since the events of Basel and Landau. Dr. Baisch revealed that relatively simple mathematical models could simulate the seismic risks of geothermal projects. All speakers were agreed that a transparent public relation is indispensable for project developers especially with respect to possible seismicity. Also during the Business Dinner on the acceptance of geothermal projects the appraisal was shared consistently.

Very popular were as well the presentations of the international speakers – such as Dr. Graeme Beardsmore who gave a lecture on the development of deep geothermal projects in Australia or Sara Montomoli who presented the use of geothermal energy in Italy and Pierre Ungemach who showed the status and outlook of geothermal district heating in the Paris Basin. The presented projects reflect the growing increase of geothermal capacities in recent years. According to the statement of Ruggero Bertani in his closing speech the available electrical power worldwide has increased at about 350 MW yearly since 2005 and has reached a value of 10,700 MW currently. Until 2050 the total output of 140,000 MW could be realised after his outlook.

Last but not least the participants used the conference again as platform for discussions on technical questions. Especially the drilling as most costly part of a geothermal project has been focused during the conference. Amongst others experts of the Drilling School Celle did examine the essential aspects on exploitation of geothermal reservoirs and which measures could help to minimize the cost risks. The conclusion: The better the preliminary investigations of the subsurface and the preparation of the drilling the less likely the probability of unpleasant surprises.

“Beside the professional interchange the International Geothermal Conference povided again ideal conditions to talk face to face with potential business partners” emphasizes Marissa Walzer from Sterr-Kölln & Partner (Germany). Damien Thiolet from Cryostar (France) considers the conference as one of the most important European meetings of the geothermal sector: “it is an ideal platform to make our highly efficient power plant technology even better known in the geothermal market”.

The International Geothermal Conference is organised by the agency Enerchange. The conference
documents including the Congress Volume and a CD with the presentations can be ordered for 150 Euro (VAT not included) on The 7 International Geothermal Conference will take place from May 10-11, 2011 in Freiburg.”

Source: Conference Press Release