Great teaching tools on geothermal energy via U.S. DOE education platform

Great teaching tools on geothermal energy via U.S. DOE education platform Screenshot from the US DOE Website
Francisco Rojas 9 Jan 2015

A recent press release by the US DOE, a series of teaching tools are provided for educators to assist them in developing the knowledge of renewable energy of tomorrow's citizens.

From planning lessons to grading papers, being a teacher is an intense, time-consuming job. For educators interested in teaching students about energy, it can be difficult to quickly find accurate and reliable information that can be easily incorporated into the classroom. This is now more important than ever because energy is an essential concept in the Next Generation Science Standards, which have been adopted by 12 states and the District of Columbia so far.

To help address this challenge, we launched a web search tool that enables educators and the public to access all of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s free educational materials to teach students about clean energy technologies and other related topics.

With the new Education Toolbox, users now have the ability to find energy education resources such as videos, energy basics, lesson plans, and learning activities, which meet their specific needs. After entering keywords for the initial search, users can then sort results using the following filters:

Educators can incorporate these resources into their overall science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) coursework. Read this blog post to find out how a school district in Nevada used one of these resources, our Energy Literacy Framework, to teach 5th grade students about fundamental energy concepts.

Do you have existing energy education resources that could be helpful to other teachers? Email to submit a request to add your resources to the Education Toolbox. Want to talk with other energy educators about teaching energy or find other resources? Join us at the National Energy Education Summit on January 26. Learn more about the event and find out how you can participate.

Go to to learn more about what the Energy Department is doing to engage and inspire America’s future clean energy workforce.

For specific Geothermal material please follow this link – GEOTHERMAL MATERIAL

Source: US DOE