Green Core Geothermal looks for approval for 40MW Nasulo project, Philippines

Green Core Geothermal looks for approval for 40MW Nasulo project, Philippines Northern Negros Geothermal Field of EDC, Philippines (source: EDC)
Alexander Richter 14 Feb 2011

Green Core Geothermal and its mother company Energy Development Corp. are looking for legislative endorsement for receiving necessary permits to begin construction of the 40 MW geothermal power plant in the province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines.

News from the Philippines, report that “a new geothermal power plant with a capacity to produce electricity that can energize at least 5 towns will be established just beside an existing plant in Sitio Nasuji, Barangay Puhagan, Valencia.

Green Core Geothermal Incorporated and its mother company the Energy Development Corporation has formally asked the legislative bodies of barangay Puhagan, the municipality of Valencia and the province of Negros Oriental for favorable endorsements for the multi-million project so it can be granted the necessary permits to begin construction.

Dubbed as the 40 MW Nasulo Geothermal Power Project, the power plant is expected to produce electricity that can energize several towns. It also includes a transmission line which will connect the Nasuji Power plant with the existing 138 KV Nasuji Switchyard of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.
The proponents of the project stressed that this endeavor is a “concrete embodiment of the objectives of the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 to accelerate the exploration and development of renewable energy resources, achieve energy self-reliance and reduce the country’s dependency on imported fossil fuels for electric power generation.”

However, the local leaders of the so-called geothermal village of Puhagan also expressed their strong desire for the Green Core and EDC to provide more employment opportunities to their constituents, who complain of perceived bias in the recruitment of laborers in the various projects undertaken by their contractors if only to preserve the harmonious relationship between the private companies and the local community.”

Source: Negros Chronicle