Green light to the transmission line in Cerro Pabellon in Chile

Green light to the transmission line in Cerro Pabellon in Chile Cerro Colorado, Chile (source: flickr/ travfotos, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 20 Sep 2013

The Cerro Pabellon geothermal project in Chile, currently developed by Enel Green Power, has just received the all permits for the development of the transmission line

While geothermal project Cerro Pavilion Enel Green Power already had approval to their respective Environmental Impact Study since April last year, there was still a pending approval of the transmission line. Last week this important project received the approval for the full implementation of the project.

The transmission line, which will cost approximately U.S. $ 20 million, will add to the $ 180 million of the power generating plant. The plant was originally projected for a prospective generation of 50 MW; but according to the latest estimates by Italy’s Enel Green Power, it could be increased to 120 MW of installed capacity. This increase in power is still awaiting on the result of three studies done in the area.

This plant will inject energy to the Northern Interconnected System, according to the work plan and could begin operating in 2015 aiming to become the first geothermal plant in Chile.

Source: PEN and Estrategia Online.