Greenearth Energy chooses site for Geelong project in Australia

Greenearth Energy chooses site for Geelong project in Australia Anglesea Beach at Geelong, Victoria/ Australia (source: flickr/ Kate's Photo Diary, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 May 2012

Greenearth Energy chooses a site for its Geelong Geothermal Power Project in the state of Victoria, Australia about 8.5 km from a brown-coal fired power station of Alcoa at Anglesea.

Greenearth Energy has made another important step in its development of the Geelong Geothermal Power Project in Australia having chose the proposed site for the project.

“A preliminary memorandum of intent has been entered into with Holcim (Australia) to site the geothermal power plant at Holcim’s Moriac quarry, 8.5 kilometres north-northwest of Alcoa’s (ASX: AAI) brown coal-fired power station at Anglesea, Victoria.

Mark Miller, Greenearth Energy managing director, said in selecting this particular site the company has sought to address many of the topics raised via the site selection process.

“Being located in an industrial extractive industry zone, in an existing operating quarry, close to established infrastructure attempts to ensure that any environmental and amenity impact of a geothermal operation will be significantly minimised.”

Stage 1 of the project involves the drilling of an initial well into the hot sedimentary geothermal aquifer to a depth of about 4,000 metres in an attempt to bring hot water to the surface.

Greenearth will conduct short term tests to assess temperature, geothermal fluid flow rate and formation permeability.

Following successful results, the company will then drill a second well which would establish proof of concept and pave the way for development of the second stage.”

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Source: Proactive Investors