Gunung Tamponas project behind schedule due to unresolved land issues

Gunung Tampomas, Sumedang, Indonesia (source:
Alexander Richter 6 Jun 2013

Unresolved land acquisition issues delaying Gunung Tampomas project of PT Wika Jabar Power in Sumedang, Indonesia.

The development of the Gunung Tampomas geothermal power project in Sumedang, is still behind schedule according to the developer PT Wika Jabar Power. Well explorations and drillings are still hampered by unresolved land acquisition, so local news.

“PT Wika Jabar Power Engineering Director Uum Komarudin said the company continues to conduct the necessary approach in convincing the surrounding communities as land owner to sale their land, which are affected by the exploration process.

“It’s currently under land acquisition process but we haven’t acquired land owned by the people,” he told Bisnis, Tuesday (6/4).

According to him, the company will acquire more than 10 hectares of land owned by the people using a joint funding between PT Wijaya Karya Tbk and PT Jasa Sarana (a company owned by West Java Government) valuing IDR8 billion.

The land acquisition is targeted to complete this year so that the drilling process could begin in April 2014. Moreover, Tampomas power plant with 1X45 MW capacities is one of the 11 projects listed in the power sale and purchase agreement with PT PLN.

“The land acquisition process is hampered due to public concerns about the impact of environmental pollution resulted from the geothermal project,” he said.

This misconception has led to an opposition from the surrounding communities, hampering this geothermal project that is actually eco-friendly.

However, he added, the company understands that the opposition emerged because of the people’s limited understanding. Therefore, it will continue to conduct socialization to provide better understanding to the public.

PT Wika Jabar Power together with foreign consultant has carried out comprehensive researches, both in geological, geochemical, and geophysical (GNG survey). The next step is to conduct exploration drillings in two or three standard wells in Gunung Tampomas.

For the company, this is the first geothermal project and estimated to spend US$110 million investment.”