Haute-Sorne project gets green light from authorities in Switzerland

Haute-Sorne project gets green light from authorities in Switzerland Glovelier, Jura/ Switzerland
Francisco Rojas 16 Jun 2015

Geo Energie Suisse receives permit for the start of a geothermal pilot project in Haute-Sorne, Jura, Switzerland.

In a release yesterday, Geo-Energie Suisse announces it has received the green light from authorities of the Canton Jura. The Haute-Sorne geothermal pilot project will a pilot project for the company and Switzerland.

The potential of this project was recognized by the authorities and the necessary permits for the sub-surface work has been granted.  The local authorities of  the municipality of Haute-Sorne are also positive about the project.

The project is expected to develop a power plant with a power generation capacity of 5 MW, providing the local 6,000 households with geothermal power. Future district heating is also an option.

This is a lighthouse project for the development of geothermal energy in Switzerland and in Europe. Because in Switzerland deep natural aquifers are very rare, Geo-Energie Suisse plans the development of an EGS system at a depth between 4,000 and 5,000 meters.

Not least because of its pioneering nature and the great geographical potential for the application, the project in Haute-Sorne is of great importance for the community, the region and as well as for the whole Switzerland and Europe.

Source: Release by Geo-Energie Suisse (pdf)