Heated by geothermal – the Unfrozen River of Inner Mongolia in China

Alexander Richter 17 Jan 2019

A never freezing river despite of winter temperatures of down to -30 degrees Celsius, called the Unfrozen River in Inner Mongolia in Northern China is a natural wonder, indicating further opportunity for local use of geothermal resources.

We have heard of the boiling river in the Amazonas, now China Daily shares a story on the Unfrozen River in Inner Mongolia, the region bordering the country of Mongolia in Northern China.

The river never freezes although the air temperatures reaches low temperatures as low as 30 degrees Celsius below the freezing mark.

Located 74 km away from Arxan city and stretching around 20 km, the river is called the “Unfrozen River” by locals.

There is volcanic activity underground, which provides sufficient heat to keep the water of the river from freezing with sometimes even steam rising from the flowing water.

It is unclear if it has been explored to use the regional geothermal resources for utilisation, e.g. for heating. We will explore.

Source: China Daily