Helicopters to explore geothermal potential in Germany

Helicopters to explore geothermal potential in Germany Horseshoe I helicopter take off (source: flickr/ euphro, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 12 May 2021

Local utility badenova is going to do an air survey to explore geothermal potential for planned heating development in the Breisgau region, Germany.

BadenovaWÄRMEPLUS, the local subsidiary of regional utility badenova has announced plans to use aero-magnetics and gravimetric measurements to investigate the potential for deep geothermal energy in the region around Freiburg. The aero-magnetic measurement starts on May 17th with a helicopter that will collect information about the earth’s magnetic field in a defined area.

With the helicopter flight, badenovaWÄRMEPLUS wants to condense the data base on the geological potentials of deep geothermal energy in order to gain further information for a meaningful picture of the subsurface. With so-called aero-magnetics by means of helicopter flights parameters of the natural earth magnetic field are to be recorded by flying over the earth’s surface The magnetometer data is digitally recorded and evaluated.

At 330 meters above the Breisgau

The flight will start on Monday, May 17th and should be completed within a week. With  this approach to exploration no intervention takes place in the underground. The helicopter flies at a height of approx. 330 meters and carries a 30 meter long towed body with it  The area between the Kaiserstuhl in the north and Müllheim in the south is flown over 250 meters apart in an east-west direction at a speed of approx. 110 km / h. In the west the Rhine and in the east the foot of the Black Forest (Vorbergzone) is the border of the overflown area.

Source: Badenova via our partner site  TiefeGeothermie