Help us spread news from the upcoming WGC2015

Help us spread news from the upcoming WGC2015 Title Page of WGC2015 Social Media Guide of ThinkGeoEnergy
Alexander Richter 29 Mar 2015

Help us spread the word about geothermal energy and the World Geothermal Congress 2015. To share, link, like etc use hashtags #wgc2015 and #geothermal.

As part of our coverage and support on media management for the World Geothermal Congress and the International Geothermal Association, we have prepared a short Social Media Guide. We hope that you can help us spread the word on geothermal and the event.

It provides details about social media tools and platforms being used to share news, pictures and videos about the event. We encourage you to share, like, link, retweet etc. all the coverage from the event.

The World Geothermal Congress 2015 will take place April 19-24, 2015. If you have not registered yet, hurry and register here. Otherwise follow us or others via the hashtags: #WGC2015 and #geothermal