Holzkirchen project in Germany to tender out drilling this year

Angel in the heart of the city of Holzkirchen in Bavaria, Germany (source: flickr/ inezzy, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Jul 2012

The local utility of Holzkirchen in the south of Munich in Bavaria, Germany is planning its own geothermal heat and power project with expected drilling start in June 2013 and drilling tender to be held later this year.

Reported in early June, the geothermal project at Holzkirchen, south of Munich (location), Germany is expected to come online in late 2016.

There are currently two drilling sites being explored and it is expected that the drilling will be put up for tender later this year. Drilling is supposed to start in June 2013.

Earlier this spring the municipality council decided to develop a combined geothermal heat and power plant deriving hot water from a depth of 5,000 meters.

The development will be done by the local utility itself to be independent from international energy markets and to provide affordable heating for its citizens.

Source:  www.merkur-online.deWebsite of the utility of Holzkirchen via German Geothermal Association (all in German)