Hopes to see geothermal plant built by 2019 in Dominica, Caribbean

Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica (source:
Parker O'Halloran 13 Jun 2017

Dominica embracing clean geothermal energy to meet growing demand.

In a recent interview with local news outlet CBN4, Member of Parliament for Roseau Valley, Dr. Collin McIntyre, reported that the geothermal project of Dominica is underway in his constituency.
“The geothermal project is on stream, we are looking at it in the Laudat area in terms of production and we are looking at the possibility of reinjection in the Wotten Waven and other areas” says McIntyre. “I want us to embrace the geothermal project with an open mind and positively because this is not a negative project, there are developed countries that have gone forward with geothermal development projects,” he said.
McIntyre indicated that the project is moving forward and “… it’s not at a standstill” and informed the members of his constituency that they will benefit greatly from the project.
“We complain about the high cost of electricity, we are blessed with geothermal energy so let us not go back to the days of being negative and indoctrinated by people coming here telling us madness and mounting our people up… we are passed that stage…so the project is on we will continue to sensitize as we move on so let’s embrace it because it is for us and it’s clean energy and the world is headed towards clean energy we do not produce fossil fuels in Dominica.”
Meantime, Minister for Trade, Ian Douglas, during an interview on State-owned DBS Radio, expressed his optimism that the government and Domlec will reach a new agreement on geothermal energy.
Douglas disclosed that discussions were held with a team at Domlec as the government prepares to establish a 7 MW geothermal plant in Laudat.
Source: CBN4