HS Orka says new well at Reykjanes proves feasibility of extension

Reykjanes geothermal power plant of HS Orka, Iceland (source: flickr/ ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 15 Oct 2010

A new well drilled at the Icelandic Reykjanes plant of HS Orka, shows high temperatures and the company believes thereby to prove the feasibility of a 50MW extension to the plant.

“Tests at a new well drilled at the 100MW geothermal power plant at Reykjanes, Iceland confirm a new rich production area”, so a spokesperson for Icelandic HS Orka.

The company intends to file for approval of extension of the plants with the National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun) in the country. The electricity of the plant is planned to supply electricity to a nearby aluminum plant in construction at Helguvik.

The planned 50MW expansion has been planned to be the first project of HS Orka to provide electricity to the aluminum smelter, but concerns by the National Energy Authority about the resource have delayed the extension permit.

The new data from the well drilled could be decisive whether a permit for extension of current capacity by 50MW will be issued by authorities in Iceland. The evaluation of the well and the extension could have an important impact on economic development in Iceland.

The well is 2,300m deep and is called Stamparein, a new reservoir that HS Orka puts much hope into. At the beginning of the month the well was tested for its power potential and temperature measuring a temperature of 320 centigrades.

The COO of HS Orka, Albert Albertsson, says “it is quite clear that this is a high temperature resource, which is proven by all measurements. Another hole at Sýrfell shows even 340 centigrades. This in fact proves that this is a high heat field and it concludes that the Stamprein is a high power potential geothermal field.”

“Further testings in the next few weeks are needed on the well to estimate its power potential”, so Albert Albertsson.

The officials of the company believe that they cannot wait and are now preparing the application for the plant extension permit to be sent to Orkustofnun right after this weekend. They are convinced that the new data proves that there is enough energy available for the planned extension.

Source: (in Icelandic)