Iceland Drilling/ Indonesia Power sign MOU for Indonesian project

Signing of the Memorandum by ID and IP (Source: Indonesia Power)
Francisco Rojas 9 Feb 2015

PT Indonesia Power (IP) has signed an MoU with PT Iceland Drilling Indonesia (IDI) to help develop the Tangkuban Perahu geothermal project in West Java. 

The MOU was signed Wednesday, 28th of February by IP’s acting President Director Antonius RT Artono and IDI’s President Director Rod Williams. The MOU will launch a collaboration that will be of benefit to both parties.

IP has said that the company intends to tap into the experience of IDI to help develop the Tangkuban Perahu geothermal project. The Tangkuban Perahu geothermal concession is held by PT Tangkuban Perahu Geothermal, which is 95 percent owned by IP and 5 percent by Cyrq Energy Inc.

The MOU aims to build cooperation among stakeholders for the development of green energy geothermal projects in geothermal concession area Takuban boat with hope and mutual agreement of the parties.

The MOU is valid for up to one year starting from the signing and may be extended by the parties with written consent.

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Source: Indonesian Power