Iceland Drilling secures 5-year drilling contract in New Zealand

Iceland Drilling secures 5-year drilling contract in New Zealand Drilling rig, Tyr Drillmec HH-300 (source: Iceland Drilling)
Alexander Richter 23 Dec 2021

Iceland Drilling secures 5-year drilling contract with renewable power company Mercury in New Zealand.

Icelandic geothermal drilling company Iceland Drilling announces this morning a new drilling contract in New Zealand.

The  new drilling contract between renewable energy company Mercury and Iceland Drilling have signed a 5 year geothermal drilling contract. The first phase will include drilling wells in the central north island of New Zealand. The contract includes cementing, directional drilling and mud logging services. The Drillmec HH300 rig Tyr will be shipped to New Zealand early next year and drilling is scheduled to start a few months later.

Mercury spokesperson: “We are looking forward to the arrival of the rig, and making the best use of it to drill geothermal wells to supply renewable energy to Kiwi homes and businesses”.

Sigurdur Sigurdsson CEO of Jardboranir (Iceland Drilling): “It is now 10 years since Iceland Drilling started drilling in New Zealand for Mercury. Since then, the company has gained valuable experience in New Zealand and various parts of the world. Our international experience and wide service offering brings value to our customers. We look forward to work with Mercury again on their geothermal projects in the coming years.”

Source: Company announcement by email