IGA – Extraterrestrial Geothermal Workshop, Bonn/ Germany – 5 April 2019

Extraterrestrial geothermal energy - short course announcement (screenshot)
Alexander Richter 18 Feb 2019

A new Face of Geothermal Energy - Investigation of Extraterrestrial Geothermal Potentials in the Solar System - an exciting short course organised by the International Geothermal Association (IGA) in Bonn/ Germany - 5 April 2019.

The International Geothermal Association (IGA) will hold an exciting “Extraterrestrial Geothermal Energy Short Course” – A new Face of Geothermal Energy – Investigation of Extraterrestrial Geothermal Potentials in the Solar System

This short course will focus on:

  1. A general overview of all NASA’s space exploration missions, in specific the ones related to Mars and the icy moons, Europa and Enceladus – Mr. Sepehr Sangin, IGEA’s Head of international Affairs, expert of geothermal energy and citizen scientist of space sciences
  2. The measurement of Martian geothermal gradient and planetary heat flow based on the measurements of HP³ instrument installed on Mars lander InSight – Prof. Dr. Tilman Spohn, Ex-director of DLR’s planetary research institute and principle investigator of InSight’s HP³ measurement tool
  3. Investigation of the hydrothermal activities in Saturn’s icy moon, Enceladus, and possibilities of extraterrestrial life existence duetoit; based on the findings of “Cassini” Space craft – Prof. Dr. Frank Postberg, Head of planetary science and remote sensing department in FU Berlin.

Agenda (pdf)

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