IGC Invest Geothermal, Frankfurt/ Germany – Sept 28-29, 2021

IGC Invest Geothermal, Frankfurt/ Germany – Sept 28-29, 2021 IGC Invest September 2021
Alexander Richter 20 Sep 2021

Program released for the 2021 IGC Invest Geothermal finance and investment forum in Frankfurt, Germany - September 28-29, 2021.

The IGC Invest Geothermal is the leading geothermal energy event in Middle Europe bringing together decision makers, developer and investors from all segments of the global geothermal energy sector. The objective is to provide a business and industry focused platform for discussions on current state of affairs in the geothermal world, as well as a forum for discussions on the future of the industry.  The event is sponsored by Watson Farley & Williams.

This year’s IGC Invest Geothermal 2021 event will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from September 28 to 29, 2021. Within four different sessions, a total of 13 speakers will give presentations on risk mitigation and geothermal markets in Middle Europe.

Starting off with Session I on „Public and Private Risk Mitigation“ with Alexander Richter (ThinkGeoEnergy) as chairman, presentations will be given by Philippe Dumas (EGEC), Annamária Nádor (MBFSZ), Eva Hoos (European Commission), Achim Fischer-Erdsiek (NW Assekuranzmakler) and Robert Winsloe from Eavore.

Subsequently, the programm will be continued by Session II on „Risk Management“ with Dr. Torsten Rosenboom as chairman. Thereby, Dr. Ingmar Helmke (GIG) will present the investor’s view on risks of geothermal project. Dr. Hartwig Schröder (Enex Engineering), Dr. Christian Bauer (WFW) and Dr. Wolfgang Bauer (360 plus) will give anwers how risks might be mitigated with the right set u pof a geothermal project. After this session an Ice breaker will invite the live-participants for a get together.

The second day will begin with Session III on „Geothermal Markets“ with Marit Brommer from the International Geothermal Associsation. In this regard, a short overview of the geothermal markets worldwide will be given Alexander Richter (ThinkGeoEnergy), highlighting also why Middle Europe is so interesting. Dr. Jochen Schneider (Enerchange) will introduce Germany, Martin van der Hout (DAGO) the Netherlands, Marijan Krpan (Geological Survey Croatia)  Croatia and Annamária Nádor (MBFSZ) Hungary.

As a follow-up to the presentations, there will be a closing discussion, in which the challenges of Geothermal Energy are discussed and a perspective fort he future is developed.

Participation is possible. The regular registration ends on Wednesday, 22 September 2021. For more information about the program and registration please visit the website