India and Norway teaming up on developing joint geothermal expertise

Manikaran, India (source: flickr/ mvcorks, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 9 Aug 2012

India and Norway start a joint collaboration research project to develop expertise to harvest geothermal energy and contribute to human resources development.

At an inaugurating one day workshop, India and Norway officially started a joint collaboration project on research and development of expertise to harvest geothermal energy and contribute to human resource development.

The project is expected to provide a final report submitted in 2015.

There are no details available, but one of the players involved is the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG).

Its director AK Gupta said that the Geological Survey of India quotes a geothermal potential of 10,000 MW of electric generation capacity with no current installed capacity. Currently geothermal heat is only utilized directly with a thermal generation capacity of 265 MW.

The WIHG and the Geological Survey of India have identified geothermal sites to be researched by the Indo-Norway project to be undertaken in States across the country.

WIHG has significant scientific potential to contribute to this project involving geological, geophysics and hydro geological investigation and water chemistry analysis.

Source: Daily Pioneer