Indonesia expects 185 MW in addition to geothermal capacity in 2019

Indonesia expects 185 MW in addition to geothermal capacity in 2019 Drilling Rig on site of the Muara Laboh geothermal project, Indonesia (source: Sumitomo Corp.)
Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2019

Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources expects an addition of 185 MW of new geothermal power generation capacity to be added until the end of 2019 by the plants of Lumut Balai, Muara Laboh, Sorik Marapi, and Sokoria.

Four geothermal power plants (PLTP) with a total capacity of 185 megawatts are targeted to start commercial operations until the end of 2019.

The four plants are Lumut Balai Unit 1 PLTP in South Sumatra with a 55 MW capacity operated by PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), Muara Laboh Unit 1 PLTP in West Sumatra with an 80 MW capacity by PT Supreme Energy, Sorik Merapi 1 PLTP in Sumatra North with a capacity of 45 MW by PT Sorik Merapi Geothermal Power, and Sokoria 1 PLTP in NTT with a capacity of 5 MW by PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia with a capacity.

Director of Geothermal Energy at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ida Nuryatin Finahari said that his side continues to push for a new renewable energy mix (EBT), especially geothermal energy, to continue to increase. The commercial operation date (COD) target of geothermal plants has increased in 2019 from last year’s realization.

Whereas in 2018 there were only two PLTPs that carried out COD, namely the Sarulla PLTP Unit 3 in the Sibual Buali geothermal working area (WKP), North Sumatra, with a capacity of 110 MW and Karaha PLTP in the Karaha Cakrabuana WKP, West Java, with a capacity of 30 MW.

In addition to encouraging COD for a number of geothermal plants under construction, the ESDM Ministry also encouraged the realization of WKP work that had been completed during the exploration period. The latest, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources awaits a proposal from PGE in managing the WKP Kotamobagu.

The proposal contains a work program from PGE in managing the Kotamobagu WKP. PGE is expected to be able to send proposals as soon as possible so that the development of the power plant in the WKP can be immediately implemented. Moreover, currently the ESDM Ministry is pushing for an EBT mix of 23 percent by 2025 to be realized soon.

“Now it’s just waiting for when they submit a proposal that contains a work program. We expect it as soon as possible,” so news from Indonesia.

We will report from the 7th Indonesia International Geothermal Conference & Exhibition from Jakarta 13-15 August 2019.

Source: Bisnes