Indonesia: up to 5,000 MW planned in country’s 2nd phase of energy program

Alexander Richter 12 Nov 2009

The Indonesian government allocates a budget to tap about 5,000 MW of geothermal energy for the electric amplification project of 10,000 MW phase II for the country in the 2010 National Budget.

According to a recent local report, “the (Indonesian) government allocates budget to tap geothermal (the earth’s heat) for the electric amplification project of 10,000 MW phase II in the 2010 National Budget. The portion for geothermal fuel usage is more dominating than the exploitation of coals.

“The composition of geothermal will be maximized. A number of coal fueled power generators will be converted into geothermal ones,” said Director General for Fiscal Affairs at the Finance Ministry, Anggito Abimanyu, Jakarta, Tuesday.

According to him, the discussion to use geothermal fuel has been concluded by the Energy and Mineral Resources Department and it remains only to be sychronized with other departments. “We’ve given the draft to the Coordinating Minister of Economy and hopefully its presidential decree will be finalized and given to the State Secretary,” he added.

In the electric project of 10,000 MW of the second phase it is planned that the geothermal portion will be up to 48 percent, and the other main component is water power around 12 percent, coal 26 percent, and gas 14 percent.”

Source: Kompas