Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) re-elects Prijandaru Effendi as Chairman

Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) re-elects Prijandaru Effendi as Chairman Prijandaru Effendi, Chairman INAGA (source: INAGA)
Alexander Richter 24 Nov 2020

Indonesia's Geothermal Association (INAGA-API) has announced the re-election of Prijandaru Effendi of PT Supreme Energy as Chairman of the organization and the return of Tafif Azimuddin and Heribertus Dwi Yuda as administrators of the association.

As reported by geothermal publication PaBumNews from Indonesia, Prijandaru Effendi was re-elected as Chairman of the Indonesian Geothermal Association (API) for the 2020-2023 period in the API National Conference which was held virtually via the Zoom application.

In addition to Prijandaru, Tafif Azimuddin and Heribertus Dwi Yuda also returned to become API administrators with the same positions in the old management, namely as Secretary General and Treasurer.

The three core executives of API 2017-2020 were re-assigned to become API administrators for the 2020-2023 period after the National Conference participants stated that they had received the accountability report that they submitted during the long period of management.

“The National Conference runs smoothly and safely, participants receive a report on the accountability of the management so that the old management is re-assigned to the new committee for the 2020-2023 period,” said Dr. Alimin Ginting, API Expert Council, Thursday (19/11/2020).

Meanwhile, after being re-elected as chairman, Prijandaru explained, in the 2020-2023 period, API administrators will accommodate gender balance in the management ranks.

“In addition to gender balance, there will also be a regeneration process by increasing the number of young people in the management because so far many are active in the management who are over 50,” he explained.

Prijandaru also said that his party would consider updating the AD / ART API considering that he is already 30 years old.

Regarding geothermal development, Prijandaru stated to Pabumnews that in its stewardship, API will continue to provide encouragement and support to the government so that the development of geothermal resources achieves expectations.

“The government has a 23 percent energy mix target load, we support it so that geothermal energy supports the achievement of this target. However, API is the government’s partner in utilizing geothermal resources so that clean energy can be felt by all, including the Indonesian people, “he explained to Pabumnews, Thursday (19/11/2020).

In addition, he added, in terms of accelerating the achievement of energy security, API is always ready to be behind the government, especially since geothermal resources in Indonesia are very abundant but only a small part has been utilized.

“Geothermal is clean and reliable energy. Indonesia can rely on geothermal energy in achieving energy security considering its abundant resources, “he explained.

Therefore, Prijandaru hopes that the government and API will always sit together in formulating strategic policies related to geothermal development as has been done so far.

Meanwhile, Alimin Ginting congratulated Prijandaru, Tafif and Heribertus on the re-election of API management. “We certainly continue to hope that under them API can continue to encourage the use and development of geothermal resources for the welfare of the Indonesian people,” said Alimin who is also the editorial board of PABUMNews.

Source: PabumNews