Indonesia’s geothermal reserves estimated at 16,000 MW

Indonesia’s geothermal reserves estimated at 16,000 MW Geothermal Investment Opportunities in Indonesia (source: Yunus Yunus Saefulhak, ESDM)
Alexander Richter 24 Sep 2017

With up to 16,000 MW of estimated geothermal reserves (possible, probably and proven), Indonesia represents a tremendous geothermal investment opportunity.

A recent presentation by Yunus Saefulhak, geothermal director at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, shows the opportunities for geothermal investments in the country. In his presentation he also shares his view that the government optimistic to reach 7,000s MW installed capacity by 2025 an 9,300 MW by 2030.

Current status of Geothermal Energy with a total potential of 28,579 MW

  • Resources 11,073 GW;
  • Speculative Resources 6,596 GW and
  • Hypothesis Resources 4.477 GW, and Reserves 17,501 GW;
  • Possible Reserves 12,046 GW
  • Probable Reserves 2,493 GW and
  • Proven Reserves 2,967 GW
  • Total Installed capacity is 1,698.5 MW.

Details on the resources and reserves in Indonesia can be seen this article by Amir Fauxi of PT Geo Power Indonesia, “Revision of Geothermal Resource Classification in Indonesia Based on Type of Potential Power Generation“, published at the World Geothermal Congress 2015.


However industry still wait first PPA signed under new prices regulation MEMR no 50/2017 as well as first Pre Survey Assignment and Exploration (PSPE) signed. Look like EDC Philippines will be 1st party to sign PSPE for Graha Nyabo area in Jambi Sumatera.

Steam characteristics that vary at each location become opportunities for the application of various types of generation technologies, single flash steam will still be backbone in the 10 years to come, small scale & WHG was developed specifically for East Indonesia and other region in the exploration stage, double flash & binary in advanced study phase and no EGS activity so far.

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