Invitation to visit Exergy’s turbine manufacturing facilities in Izmir June 6, 2016

Invitation to visit Exergy’s turbine manufacturing facilities in Izmir June 6, 2016 Exergy turbine (source: Exergy)
Alexander Richter 25 May 2016

As part of the IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress taking place in Izmir/ Turkey June 6-8, 2016, Exergy as one of the sponsors of the event is inviting for a visit to its manufacturing facilities in Izmir on June 6, 2016.

As part of the IGC Turkey geothermal congress, taking place June 6-8, 2016 in Izmir/ Turkey, Exergy is inviting participants to visit its turbine manufacturing and service facilities in Izmir.

The visit is taking place before the opening of the IGC Turkey Congress in Izmir on June 6, 2016, leaving the Swissôtel at 11:00 am and returning for the start of the congress at 14:00.

Exergy operates a 100% wholly owned subsidiary in Izmir, locally manufacturing the company’s Radial Outflow Turbine for the Turkish market.

The company established in July 2014, trades under the name EXERGY Turkey Turbin Enerji Tekonlojileri A.S and is headed by Managing Director Mr. Celal Tugcu. By manufacturing the turbine within Turkey with skilled local labour and suppliers, EXERGY has achieved the milestone of qualifying their customers for a higher feed-in tariff on geothermal energy production. EXERGY is currently the only turbine manufacturer to achieve this, granting their customers more than 10% higher FIT, and helping to significantly increase the profitability and improve payback of any geothermal plant.

The factory houses EXERGY’s manufacturing, local service team, equipment and spares. Being situated so close to the major geothermal areas offers advantages in terms of speed of response and flexibility to customer requirements.

The visit offered will provide a unique opportunity to learn first hand how an international player like EXERGY operates inside the Turkish market.

To register for the visit, go to (the visit is free of charge)