J-Power continues push on renewables/ geothermal in Japan

J-Power continues push on renewables/ geothermal in Japan Wasabizawa geothermal plant, Akita Pref., Japan (source: EPDC)
Alexander Richter 17 May 2021

Power utility J-Power continues renewables push in Japan including two geothermal power projects under construction and one additional earlier stage project.

In its medium-term Management Plan, Japanese electricity utility Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., operating under the brand name J-POWER, shares details about its push to become a carbon-neutral power generation business by 2050.

The J-Power “Blue Mission 2050”, foresees the reduction of CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. The strategy formulated highlights the company’s planned actions for the next three years to FY 2023.

With a strong focus on hydropower and wind power, geothermal energy is also part of the strategic plan for the company’s domestic business in Japan. Currently, J-Power has one geothermal power plant in operation with an installed geothermal power generation capacity of 23 MW. This is the company’s share in the 46 MW Wasabizawa geothermal power plant in Akita prefecture in Japan. The plant came online in 2019.

J-Power has two additional geothermal projects under construction with a planned combined power generation capacity of 17 MW. One additional location for a geothermal project is currently under survey.

The company does though not seem to have any geothermal plans outside of Japan.

Source: Company release