Japan undervaluing geothermal in new energy predictions

Worker at Japanese geothermal power plant, snapshot from AlJazeera Video (source: AlJazeera/ YouTube)
Alexander Richter 30 Apr 2015

Reuters foresees that Nuclear power generation will go back to similar levels as before the Fukushima disaster in 2030. Geothermal is expected to account for a meager 1% of the electricity mix, despite of the massive potential in the country.

In new energy projections, Japan has indicated a large increase in renewable energy fuelled power generation. But it also plans with a revamp of its nuclear capacity. A point that is sad to see is that geothermal is planned in with a mere 1-1.1%. With the geothermal potential that the country sits on, this is quite disappointing.

In a recent press release by Reuters, it can be seen that the country wants to go back to Pre-Fukushima nuclear generation. Renewables would take the spot of oil and coal primarily.

To see the full release, please follow the link below.

Source: Reuters Africa