JICA delivers re-evaluation on GDC’s Baringo-Silali geothermal potential, Kenya

Lake Nakuru, Baringo, Kenya (source: flickr/ Franco Pecchio, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 13 Feb 2017

As part of a wider support on a review of GDC's Master Plan, Japanese JICA has delivered a draft report on a re-evaluation of the Baringo-Silali geothermal potential.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been assisting the Geothermal Development Company in Kenya on a review of its Master Plan. Now JICA has delivered a draft report on the re-evaluation of the geothermal resource potential of the Baringo-Silali geothermal development block of the company.

JICA utilized additional geo-scientific techniques to complement the work that GDC had already done in the fields within the Baringo-Silali Block. JICA therefore undertook detailed surveys in Korosi, Chepchuk and Paka. Scientific data from Arus and Baringo was also re-valuated while in Silali, JICA undertook information collection with no analysis yet.

Details about the findings have not been released yet.

Source: GDC