Job: International Procurement Specialist, PT GeoDipa, Geothermal, Indonesia

Well Pad-7, Dieng Geothermal Plant (Source: Flickr, Kars Alfrink, Creative commons)
Alexander Richter 12 Mar 2019

PT Geo Dipa Energi through the Asian Development Bank is seeking an International Procurement Specialist to work on the Patuha 2 and Dieng 2/3 geothermal projects in Indonesia. Deadline is March 15, 2019.

Under the Asian Development Bank’s Indonesia Geothermal Power Generation Project, the bank is seeking for applications for an international Procurement Specialist.

The proposed Geothermal Power Development Project will provide financing for expanding geothermal power generation and will have two sub-projects, including Dieng 2 (and potentially Dieng 3) and Patuha 2.

The Patuha 2 subproject will result in an increase in geothermal electric generating capacity by 59 MW through the following project components: (i) drilling of new wells for geothermal fluid production and reinjection, (ii) construction of fluid collection and re-injection systems, (iii) power plant, and (iv) transmission interconnection systems. The Dieng 2/3 will expand the geothermal electric generating capacity by 60/60 MW through analogous activities at the existing Dieng site.

The international procurement consultant, together with the national procurement consultant, will support GDE on the preparation of procurement documents to ensure conformity with ADB’s requirements.

The consultants are also expected to participate in the procurement training for GDE staff, to be led by ADB procurement specialist, in early April.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Detailed tasks include (i) support in the preparation of the procurement documents, (ii) evaluation of bids, and (ii) early stage contract management. The procurement consultants will also need to work closely with ADB technical experts to ensure appropriate packaging, incorporation of technical specifications, and relevant commercial clauses in the contracts.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The procurement specialist should have, as minimum, an undergraduate degree with at least 10 years’ experience. He/she should have experience in tendering and contract management for geothermal projects, including for drilling and plant. Country experience and experience with ADB, World Bank, or other development partner procurement rules and regulations would be an advantage.

For further details, renumeration etc, see link below.

Source: Asian Development Bank via BidsInfo