Kalinga geothermal project in the Philippines preparing drill pad

Kalinga geothermal project in the Philippines preparing drill pad Approaching Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines (source: Panoramio/ Valencerina clifton)
Alexander Richter 18 Feb 2019

The geothermal project at Kalinga, Philippines is preparing wellpad 1 for the project and preparing construction work on access roads.

As part on news regarding community engagement, it is reported that exploration work has started for the Kalinga’s Geothermal Power Project in the Philippines.

The project is a consortium between private companies Aragon Power and Energy Corporation, Guidance Management Corp., and Allfirst Kalinga Ltd. Of the 11 indigenous sub-tribes only 10 have given their consent for exploration.

Attorney Catherine Gayagay Apaling, provincial officer of National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) said that the company is “on the exploration drillings, however they are in the stage of preparing the wellpad 1 and preparation of the construction of access road network,”.

A Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) was finished sometime in 2009 following a memorandum of agreement (MOA) and the start of the exploration. Prior to the MOA, she added geothermal scholarship in geology, medicine and engineering were awarded, and some graduate grantees were hired as geologists for the project.

Other provisions of the MOA include community development projects (CDP) implemented simultaneously in the community. Instead of the proponent doing community development projects, it has engaged directly with the community for its implementation.

With more than seven years of exploration period, the NCIP official added there are no reports of damage from the community’s domain.

The Geothermal project’s projected capacity is hoped to be more than 100 MW. In news earlier this year, it was confirmed as a power project of national significance, as we have been reporting before as well.

Source: Sun Star