Kalinga geothermal prospect receives priority distinction in the Philippines

Approaching Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines (source: Panoramio/ Valencerina clifton)
Alexander Richter 20 Aug 2018

The 120-200 MW geothermal prospect of Kalinga, has received a designation as energy project of national significance by the country's Energy Investment Coordinating Council through the Philippines Department of Energy.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange this morning, APC Group Inc, said that the Philippines Department of Energy has declared the Kalinga geothermal prospect of  Aragorn Power and Energy Corp. (daughter company of APC) as an energy project of national significance.

The Energy Investment Coordinating Council through the DoE approved the application of Aragorn Power to develop the Kalinga geothermal area as an energy project of national significance. Aragorn Power said the status assures action on its application within 30 working days.

The company along with partner Guidance Management Corp. owns the geothermal service contract in the province of Kalinga covering an area of around 26,000  hectares. The area is estimated to have a power generation potential of between 120 and 200 MW.

The first five-year contract to develop the project was granted in 2008.
Source: Manila Standard and PSE