Kazakhstan exploring geothermal energy for heat and power production

Kazakhstan exploring geothermal energy for heat and power production Skyline of Astana, Capital City of Kazakhstan (source: flickr/ Edward Crompton, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 15 Nov 2018

The Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia is looking at the utilisation of geothermal energy for heat and power production, with early studies estimating resource available in about 40% of the country.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, a Central Asian landlocked country and former Soviet republic, is rich in geothermal energy resources, as reported locally. At least one fourth of the country is blessed with geothermal resources according to preliminary studies.

Now the country is looking into utilising these resources for electricity generation and heat production, as part of its plan to switch to a green economy that sees an 10% increase in the share of alternative energy sources by 2030 and a 50-percent increase by 2050.

“Kazakhstan’s Institute of Hydrogeology and Hydroecology presented the primary data saying the large part of the territory – almost 40 percent – has resources of geothermal hot water. The temperature varies, with the temperature from 70 to 160 degrees Celsius at some depths. We are to define the regions, pilot projects, changes are necessary to make in the legislation so to develop a technical document,” said Arman Satimov, an advisor to the Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association.

The implementation of a first project in the country, could be a major breakthrough in renewable energy development. There are current efforts made.

Source: Trend News Agency, BNews