KUTh Energy to develop two 4 MW geothermal plants in Vanuatu

KUTh Energy to develop two 4 MW geothermal plants in Vanuatu Erakor Island Resort, Efate, Vanuatu (source: flickr/PhillipC creative commons)
Alexander Richter 3 Aug 2012

Australian developer KUTh Energy receives government consent for 8 MW geothermal power development on Efate, the main island of Pacific island state of Vanuatu.

Reported last week, Australian developer KUTh Energy has been given a go ahead to develop a geothermal power project on the main island of Vanuatu.

The consent was given to develop two geothermal plants with 4 MW of electricity generation capacity each. The plants will be located on Efate and help the island state to decrease its dependency on diesel fueled power generation.

A recent World Bank study on the viability of geothermal as a power option for Vanuatu helped the company to get the government endorsement it needed to proceed.

In an interview with Radio New Zealand, David MacDonald the CEO of KUTh Energy said: ““The main findings from that report were that the targets that we’ve identified for drilling are the most prospective targets. They are keen on the idea of the two phase four megawatt plant start up that Kuth had planned. They’ve also come out and said that they’ve done a market study of the whole island to look at future demand and really see it as a game changer in their own words.”

The company expects to produce more than 60% of the electricity needed on Efate from 2016.

Source: Radio New Zealand