Latest Lazard levelized cost of energy analysis published – Nov. 2019

Lazard Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis, Nov. 2019 (source: screenshot/ Lazard)
Alexander Richter 7 Nov 2019

Lazard has released its latest analysis of levelized cost of energy generation highlighting continued cost competitiveness of geothermal vs. fossil fuels, yet also the ever dropping cost for wind and solar PV installations.

Lazard’s latest annual Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis (LCOE 13.0) shows that as the cost of renewable energy continues to decline, certain technologies (e.g., onshore wind and utility-scale solar), which became cost-competitive with conventional generation several years ago on a new-build basis, continue to maintain competitiveness with the marginal cost of existing conventional generation technologies.

The full report can be downloaded here.

For geothermal energy, it continues to show a competitiveness towards fossil fuel based power generation, while solar and wind continue to outperform geothermal based on cost.

Source: Lazard