Launch of the European Technology & Innovation Platform for Deep Geothermal

Hekla Energy drilling rig at Mauerstetten, Germany (source: Iceland Drilling)
Alexander Richter 13 Apr 2016

In a kick-off meeting this month, a new European Technology & Innovation Platform for Deep Geothermal has been established by a variety representatives of the European geothermal sector.

The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) reports on the successful kick-off meeting of a new European Technology & Innovation Platform for Deep Geothermal.

At the meeting last week, fifty experts from all over Europe met in Brussels to begin the process of creating the platform, discussing draft terms of reference and selecting members of the provisional steering committee. They will now work to finalise these terms of reference.

The chair of the platform is Ruggero Bertani (Enel Green Power) and the Vice Chairs are Marco Baresi (Turboden) and Jan Diederick VanWees (TNO)

Other members are

  • Miklos Antics (GPC)
  • Roy Baria (EGS Energy ltd)
  • Fausto Batini (Rete Geotermica)
  • Chistian Boissavy (Cluster Geodeep)
  • Sylvie Gentier (BRGM)
  • Peter Kovacs (EUFire)
  • Bruno Leray (Storengy)
  • Adele Manzella (CNR)
  • Hjalti Pall (GEORG)
  • Pierre Vergnes (Fonroche)
  • Paul Younger (University Glasgow)
  • EERA-JPGE appointed – Ernst Huenges
  • ERANET appointed – Paul Ramsak

An application for recognition as an official ETIP by the European Commission will be made by the provisional steering committee before summer.

A website will soon be launched were members can register to working groups online. Physical meetings are planned during the second half of 2016.

About the ETIP

European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) have been recently recognised by the EC as a tool to strengthen cooperation with Stakeholders under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), as part of the H2020 programme.

These ETIPs are expected to:

  • Provide strategic recommendations to and input for the SET Plan Steering Group on its 10 priorities;
  • Mobilise actors towards implementation activities;
  • Contribute to future updates of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap.

Existing European Industrial Initiatives don’t include geothermal energy, although the EC has recognised the pressing need for measures, such as an ETIP, to support the deployment of the next generation of geothermal power and heat plants.

The geothermal sector should therefore create an ETIP on deep geothermal, and ask for its official recognition and support from the European authorities.

Enel Green Power (EGP), as one of the main geothermal operators in Europe and the world, with the active support of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), has been asked by European Commission to be the promoter of such an initiative.

Source: EGEC