Launching JeotermalHaberler – a new geothermal news service in Turkish

Launching JeotermalHaberler – a new geothermal news service in Turkish JeothermalHaberler Website snapshot
Alexander Richter 5 Apr 2017

ThinkGeoEnergy is proud to announce the launch of JeotermalHaberler, the new Turkish language service featuring geothermal energy news from Turkey and around the world. JeotermalHaberler is holding this year's IGC Turkey geothermal conference in Turkey, 22-24 May 2017.

It is with deep pride that we announce the launch of JeotermalHaberler, our new Turkish language service. Operational since January this year, we have now added a weekly newsletter to the site. With ThinkGeoEnergy now providing the global geothermal energy sector with news on geothermal development worldwide, the launch of PiensaGeotermia for the Spanish speaking markets, we are filling a void in the fastest growing geothermal market over the past few years.

JeotermalHaberler (“Geothermal News” in Turkish) is operated by Eren Günüç, a geophysical engineer and geothermal geoscientists. Working as a consultant, he has been providing geothermal project development services to local and international companies active in renewable energy sector of Turkey. He joined our activities last year, starting with supporting our IGC Turkey conference and is now the main editor for JeotermalHaberler.

We encourage the Turkish (and international) sector to see and use JeotermalHaberler as a tool to help promote the incredible activities and achievements of the geothermal sector in Turkey. Contact us to share stories on development, highlight current challenges and achievements.

We also sent out the first weekly newsletter, which shares all news posted on the site for the last 7 days. To register for the newsletter sign up here:

Relevant news from the Turkish market will be translated and shared across the news platforms of ThinkGeoEnergy and PiensaGeotermia.

To inquire about getting involved with an advertisement on the site or participate at the upcoming IGC Turkey conference, drop him an email at, here is his LinkedIn Profile.

JeotermalHaberler was launched in combination with our activities with IGC turkey – the geothermal conference in Izmir, the heart of the geothermal industry in Turkey. The inaugural IGC Türkiye Geothermal Congress in Izmir in June 2016 attracted more than 200 visitors and successfully set the stage for a follow-up high-profile geothermal industry gathering in 2017.

Held this year 22-24 May 2017, the event will bring together representatives from developers, operators, suppliers, financiers, government bodies, and municipalities.

This year’s conference will start with a World Bank Workshop on the first day, introducing the World Bank Programmes for funding geothermal development in Turkey. The workshop will provide attendees with opportunities to learn about how the World Bank is supporting geothermal development including funding for risk mitigation and project finance. Further topics will be exploration, drilling and production of geothermal energy. The second day of IGC Turkey will start with several keynote presentations, among them the CEO of Ormat Technologies. In different forums, the conference will then focus on the economics and efficiency of geothermal power plants, financing and funding opportunities, prospects for the development of heat producing plants, cooling, and discuss challenges of the reservoir, like scalings and CO2. The congress day will be followed by the Exergy Field trip to different geothermal power plants in the vicinity of Izmir.

The event has established itself as a meeting place for government, operators, developers, agencies and financiers to understand current market trends, explore growth opportunities, facilitate new relationships, and to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise. This will be especially facilitated by side events like the Exergy Lounge on May 22 and the Executive Business Dinner on May 23.

To learn more about IGC Türkiye 2017, review the latest agenda – and to register – please visit (English) and (Turkish)