Local politicians request geothermal legislation for Papua New Guinea

Local politicians request geothermal legislation for Papua New Guinea Restorff Island, Kimbe, New West Britain, Papua New Guinea (source: flickr/ maholyoak, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 May 2013

Local politician calls for passing of geothermal legislation in Papua New Guinea, saying that the mining legislation currently being applied is not appropriate for geothermal development.

Radio New Zealand reports that the local governor for the Province of Oro in Papua New Guinea is calling for the country’s Parliament to pass a geothermal legislation.

Currently, geothermal energy development would fall under the Mineral Resources Authority, which also grants licenses for geothermal projects. The Mining Act, so governor Gary Juffa, is though not the right piece of legislation due to the difference in development and utilization.

Legislation would have to cover development, landowner benefits etc. The Mining Act has not provided benefits to landowners, and there are concerns the same would happen with geothermal development.

Papua New Guinea is interested in tapping into geothermal know-how from New Zealand. Currently – to the best of my knowledge – there is KUTh Energy from Australia with applications for tenements in the country  and Reykjavik Geothermal from Iceland.

Source: Radio New Zealand International