Louisiana Geothermal receives US$5m for R&D on geo-pressured fluids

Louisiana Geothermal, company website snapshot
Alexander Richter 26 Sep 2010

Louisiana Geothermal receives US$5m in funding from DOE for its efforts to demonstrate that electricity can be produced economically from geo-pressured resources.

Reported by the company, “Louisiana Geothermal, based in Cameron Parish, has been selected to receive $5 million to develop cutting-edge geothermal technologies to cut carbon pollution from electricity generation and create geothermal-related jobs.

Geothermal energy uses the Earth’s heat to generate energy resources. The award is part of $20 million given out nationally for seven projects that seek to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of nonconventional geothermal energy technologies.

“These innovative projects have the potential to expand the use of geothermal energy to more areas around the country,” said U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

“The development of these technologies will allow us to tap into additional renewable energy resources, reduce carbon pollution and create new jobs.”

Louisiana Geothermal’s project will demonstrate that electricity can be produced economically from geopressured resources, according to a U.S. Department of Energy news release. Geo-pressured fluid production is a type of geothermal resource that occurs in deep basins where fluid and gas occur naturally under high pressure.

These geothermal reservoirs often contain dissolved natural gas that may not be economical to produce alone, but can be economically developed in combination with geothermal energy production.”

Source: Louisiana Geothermal (AP)