Mining and geothermal research part of new cooperation in Mendoza, Argentina

Mining and geothermal research part of new cooperation in Mendoza, Argentina Screenshot of release on website of the government of Mendoza
Alexander Richter 10 Jan 2018

As part of a wider cooperation agreement between the government of the province of Mendoza and the Argentinian Geological Survey (SEGEMAR), the mining and geothermal potential and its development will be evaluated for Mendoza.

The agreement between the Ministry of Economy of Mendoza and the Argentine Geological Service of cooperation for the development of the mining activity was approved. The parties are already working for the development of geothermal energy.

2018 begins with good news for mining in Mendoza. With the approval of all administrative bodies, a cooperation and technical assistance agreement will finally be launched for the development of the mining industry in the province. It was signed last September between the Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy, Martín Kerchner, and the president of the Argentine Mining Geological Service (Segemar), Julio Ríos Gómez.

The agreement, which will serve to process all the geological-mining information of the province to update information on natural resources and promote rational use, will serve as a support base for a common project that is already on track for the development of the geothermal energy.

This project includes a methodology, work plan, schedule and estimated budget in common, and contributions from each of the parties in terms of human resources, instrumental, physical, technological, economic and financing. Likewise, by means of the creation of an audit unit, the progress of the project’s objectives, the analysis of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats that the report could present will be evaluated and sanctions will be implemented in case of non-compliance.

The agreement, which will last 10 years, states that both the Segemar and the Government of Mendoza must provide specialized human resources, equipment, adequate facilities, permits or relevant authorizations to carry out field tests, and logistics equipment. and transfer.

Source: Government release