Ministry grants exploration license to geothermal heat project in Ede, Netherlands

Ministry grants exploration license to geothermal heat project in Ede, Netherlands Warmtebedrijf Ede, news picture (source: company)
Alexander Richter 12 Jun 2020

Local heating supplier, Warmtebedrijf Ede has been granted an exploration license to drill for a planned geothermal heating project in in Ede, Netherlands.

As reported locally, the country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has granted MPD Groene Energie the exploration license for exploratory drilling for geothermal energy in the municipality of Ede, near Arnhem, Netherlands. Geothermal energy is a sustainable heat source that can be connected to the realized Slim Green Heat Network in Ede within four years. The locations of these test drillings are determined in consultation with the municipality.

After a trajectory of almost two years, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has granted Warmtebedrijf Ede the exploration license to conduct test drilling for geothermal heat at 40 km2 at three locations. Various preliminary investigations showed that geothermal heat sources are located under Ede. In the event of successful drilling, Warmtebedrijf Ede connects the heat to the Slim Green Heat Network that has now been realized.

Geothermal heat

To reach the geothermal energy, drilling will take place approximately 3 kilometers deep. With this, temperatures of 80 to 90 degrees Celsius are extracted from the soil. Similar drilling has been successful in the Netherlands. “Preliminary research shows that geothermal energy can play an important role in our sustainable heat mix,” said Valentijn Kleijnen, director of Warmtebedrijf Ede. “We want to guarantee a successful innovation so that we can provide Ede with the most sustainable heat mix as soon as possible.”

Smart Green Heat Grid

The development of the Smart Green Heat Network in recent years makes it possible to use innovations such as geothermal energy. Now that the heat network has a large number of customers and forms a closed heat roundabout, it is possible to easily connect and disconnect heat sources such as geothermal energy. The Slim Green Heat Grid makes it possible to supply all heat from geothermal heat in hot summers, for example for a shower. More heat is never extracted than is needed. For example, efficient and demand-driven heat supply takes place and we do not throw anything away.

Source: OmRoepede, company release