More details announced for planned geothermal project at Penhallow, UK

More details announced for planned geothermal project at Penhallow, UK Rig on site of United Downs Deep Geothermal Project (source: GEL)
Carlo Cariaga 29 Sep 2022

Geothermal Engineering Ltd. is aiming to generate 5 MW of geothermal power and 20 MW of thermal energy at the Penhallow site in UK.

Earlier this month, we reported on Geothermal Engineering Ltd. (GEL) receiving the approval for the development of a geothermal power project at Penhallow, UK after addressing concerns from the public. An investment announcement from Thrive Renewables now provides more details on the planned project.

GEL estimates that the Penhallow site can generate around 5 MW of baseload electricity and 20 MW of thermal energy for local heat demand once complete. Similar to United Downs, two deep wells are planned to be drilled at Penhallow. The first will be to around 4500 meters depth and will be used for production. The second well, designed for reinjection, will be drilled to around 3000 meters deep.

A GBP40,000 fund has been allocated for local community-led sustainable projects in the area and about GBP 1 million will be spent on acquiring services and contracts. The site’s biodiversity is expected to increase by more than 40%.

Construction works are expected to start by 2023 with a 2026 target for power generation. The power plant is expected to supply power to around 11,000 homes in the UK and save 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: Thrive Renewables